People are obsessed with celebrity, gossip, and the worshipping of famous identities. 

Trends in clothing and appearance are pulled directly from the pages of Us Weekly and shows like Extra and duplicated endlessly.

Venerable newspapers like the New York Times are in financial distress while people flock to Buzz Feed for news snippets, lists and memes.

Shows like The Voice garner more votes than presidential elections. 

People no longer experience their lives in live action, preferring instead to do so through the lens of their iPhone camera, Instagram and Snapchat. 

We are morally and culturally bankrupt. 

We are becoming Clones of popular culture. 

This is the backdrop that gives rise to Cloney

Cloney lives at the intersection of pop culture, art, fashion and music. Beginning as an innovative rap group, Cloney has evolved into a multidisciplinary creative force and lifestyle brand embraced by innovators, tastemakers and celebrities alike. Whether designing streetwear that perfectly encapsulates a moment in time or debuting a new audio and visual snack that equally puts that moment to a beat, Cloney is equal parts beacon and mirror.